Hakan Gok
Hakan Gok
Consultant General & Abdominal Wall Surgeon
  • Born in Iznik, Turkey.
  • Graduated from Istanbul School of Medicine at Istanbul University in 1989.
  • Training in General Surgery at Vakif Gureba Hospital in Istanbul. 1990-94’.
  • Currently working as Head of the Hernia Istanbul®️, Comprehensive Hernia Center in Istanbul. https://fitikistanbul.com
  • Has developed focus on abdominal wall surgery since 1996.
  • Founding and current Board Member of the Turkish Hernia Society.
  • Secretary of the Turkish Hernia School under the auspices of the Turkish Hernia Society.
  • Founding member of the International Endohernia Society.
  • European Hernia Society Board Member since September 2020 and currently Secretary of the Advisory Board for Social Media.